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The Basics of Chicken Barns

Projects, TMC Tips, Uncategorized | June 16, 2017
Chilliwack Central Barn

Chicken Farming is a growing industry in British Columbia, specifically in communities that have larger farming cultures such as Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, and Langley. Whether the Chicken Farm is focused on raising poultry for egg or meat consumption, there are many benefits to the endeavor of Chicken Farming including a rewarding lifestyle and taking pride in the birds you raise.

If you’re looking to get into the chicken farming business, choosing what type of barn to build can be a daunting task. Twin Maple Construction has been involved in the building of dozens of barns in our company’s lifetime and can aid you in choosing what style will work best for you based on your budget, land, and farming goals.

Broiler Barn and Speciality Chicken:

Barns that raise poultry birds for meat production are Broiler Barns. Broiler chickens become suitable for consumption after approximately 6 weeks. Broiler farms are set up to allow the chicken to walk around and are focused on feeding the chickens to allow them to be fully grown for meat production.

Twin Maple Construction has also created several specialty chicken broiler barns for Taiwan Chicken. These chickens take approximately 9 weeks to reach their full maturity.

Broiler Breeder Barn (pictured below):

Broiler breeder barns breed the poultry for meat production. These barns are focused on egg laying and are laid out with comfortable laying nests to allow easy capture of the eggs. Conveyor belts then move the eggs through the barn to the front for easy egg collection and flexbelt egg transport systems to ensure the maximum number of eggs makes it to the end safely.



Broiler breeder Barn built in Langley, British Columbia.


Commercial Layer Barn:

The barns that have poultry birds which are raised for egg production are layer poultry. Commercial hens generally start laying eggs at the age of 20 weeks. They start laying eggs regularly at their 25 weeks of age. Some commercial egg laying chicken breeds can produce more than three hundred eggs a year. Poultry Equipment systems for the laying sector achieve maximum egg production efficiently while maintaining optimal chicken health. Aviary systems feature underlying manure belts to provide a healthy air environment, perches to allow the birds to express their natural behavior, and multilevel laying nests.

Pullet Barn:

Birds used for commercial layers are raised in pullet barns until they are at egg laying age, around 12- 20 weeks. A pullet barn allows the chicks to walk around in order to reach full growth at a quicker rate.


Joe's Barn



Free-range barn built in Chilliwack, British Columbia

Free range (pictured above):

A current trend in chicken farming is towards free-range chicken farms. A free-range farm allows chickens to walk around in a cage-free environment.  In order to qualify as a Free Range, the Chickens must have access to an outdoor area for portions of their lifespan. One of Twin Maple Construction’s latest barns was a Free Range Organic Chicken Barn in Chilliwack, BC. This barn is 14,200 sqft and was set up for future expansion of up to double the size.

Chicken barn

View our Agricultural Portfolio for more examples of various barn types constructed by Twin Maple Construction. Contact us today to discuss your next agricultural project.