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Project Completion: K and M Farms

News, Projects | January 11, 2018
K & M completed chicken barn


Early December marked the completion of our latest Chicken Barn Project, completed for K and M Farms located in Abbotsford.

K and M Farms is a family run farm that believes in raising chickens and turkeys free range. All their birds have been raised hormones, steroid and antibiotic free. They avoid using soy in grain as a protein source- which means no GMO soy is present. K and M started growing about 15 chickens and turkeys a year, 15 years ago for friends and family. Demand started to grow from there and they now produce about 8000 turkeys and 15,000 chickens a year.


The British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board released an incentive program for local farms to expand their businesses. K and M Farms were at capacity for growing their chickens and turkeys outdoors so owner Mark took advantage of the incentive program and built a barn to raise chickens indoors.

The new barn, which took two and a half months and is 7,700 square feet, is built to organic and free-range specs. The chicken barn features windows to allow for natural light to enter the environment and doors which allow the chickens and turkeys access to outdoors. The barn features a viewing area so visitors can get an insight into the chicken farming process.

The new barn has received its first batch of free range chickens in the barn in early December. Twin Maple Construction is thrilled to continue to grow the local Fraser Valley Agriculture community through projects such as the one completed for K and M Farms.

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