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Rexall Renovations

News, Projects | July 25, 2017
Rexall before and after renovation

In early July, office workers stream in and out of the newly designed Rexall store in the depths of Downtown Vancouver. Walking in beneath the brand’s new turquoise backlit logo, customers are greeted to a new fresh look.


Rexall before and after renovation


Frank Scorpiniti, the CEO of Canada’s second largest pharma-retailer, says the fast-moving changes at Rexall involve far more than a new logo and some redesigned stores. The brand is undergoing what he describes as a complete reinvention that touches all aspects of the business. The new Rexall aims to be a go-to destination for people seeking a holistic approach to better living.

Twin Maple Construction recently completed the renovation of Rexall located just outside of China Town in Vancouver. The project construction was started at the end of June and took 4 weeks to complete.

New signage was placed on both exterior entrances to the store. Gone are the bright blue and orange colors, replaced with a turquoise-teal scheme. The signs now match the new ‘poolside blue’ brand color. Interior signage was also updated to match the new branding.
The interior of the store received a major update. Repairs to the ceiling and floor tiles, as well as a new coat of paint, have given the store a new life. New interior signage modernizes the store.

Shelves are stocked with a new private label line of healthier foods, environmentally friendly household goods, and expanded beauty offerings. The store appears brighter and adorned with the brand’s new “Feel Good Approved” symbol on products, flyers, and displays.

Twin Maple Construction is excited to announce we will be renovating a second Rexall location in Whistler, British Columbia. This location will receive a new look with updated branding similar to the Vancouver location.


Rexall Drugstore commercial renovation