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Supporting the Fraser Valley Gleaners

Community, News | November 2, 2017
Fraser Valley Gleaners Society sign

Twin Maple Construction is dedicated to building our community and connecting with local charities. TMC supports and volunteers with the Fraser Valley Gleaners Society.


Fraser Valley Gleaners Society was established in 1999 as a registered society in BC. Fresh and frozen produce is picked up by their volunteer drivers on a daily basis. The volunteer staff next transform this produce into a cut-up, ready-for-the-dryer mix that will spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hours in an industrial-size drying unit.  The dried product is then scraped and barreled in anticipation of a future “mixing” date.


Once Fraser Valley Gleaners have an entire season’s worth of dried items for our soup mix, the mixing lines are set up and several of the winter months are devoted

Volunteer work

to transforming individual barrels of vegetables into a tasty just-add-water soup mix. FVG Soup Mix and FVG Apple Snacks are distributed throughout the developing world.  In recent years product has made its way to over 40 countries.

Our staff at Twin Maple Construction have donated their time to volunteer at the FV Gleaners. Our first team to volunteer included our General Manager, Dustin, Project Coordinator, Anne, Site Supervisor, Kevin, and Carpenter, Liam. In early September the team spent a morning preparing vegetables to be dehydrated and made into soup mix.

“It was a very eye-opening experience,” stated Project Coordinator Anne Kendall, “We often forget about how lucky we are to live where we do in the circumstances we have.”

Our second team to volunteer included our Account Manager, Chris, Operations Manager, Sean, and Marketing Manager, Christine. In late October they visited

the Fraser Valley Gleaners headquarters in Abbotsford, British Columbia to assist in coring out tomatoes and sending them through the dehydrator to prepare the soup mix.

General Manager Dustin is enthusiastic about showing our continued support for the Fraser Valley Gleaners. “We will continue to show support and send teams to volunteer at the Gleaners. It is a great cause that gives back to those who need it and echoes the values of our company.”

To learn more about the Fraser Valley Gleaners visit their website: or check them out on Facebook:

Sean, Chris & Christine Gleaners