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Unique Custom Home Ideas

Residential Construction | November 25, 2021

If you are considering building a custom home for you and your family, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of ideas and other considerations during the initial planning phase. From the layout and exterior style to unique features and the placement of windows, there are many elements to consider for your dream home. As leading providers of high-quality residential construction solutions, the team at Twin Maple Construction knows how difficult it can be to sort through these ideas and make firm decisions. That is why we have compiled a list of unique custom home ideas to help guide your planning and inspire you to create the ideal living space for your family and lifestyle.

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4 Unique Ideas for Your Custom Home

If you want to create a truly unique and functional custom home, consider utilizing the following ideas:

1. A Kitchen Nook

Kitchen nooks are cozy, functional, and visually striking elements that can drastically enhance the appeal of your dining area. Whether you are looking for a small space for two or a large nook for the whole family, kitchen nooks are a great choice for any home. In addition to aesthetic appeal, kitchen nooks help free up floor space by eliminating the need for a table in the middle of the floor, creating a more open feel.

2. Skylights or Sun Tunnels

Natural light offers a variety of benefits for homes of all sizes. From energy savings to better visibility, there are many reasons to create a design that allows for optimal natural light without sacrificing comfort. A great way to add natural light without installing too many windows is to utilize skylights or sun tunnels. These additions can also be used to highlight certain elements in your home during the day, making them a functional and aesthetic element.

3. A Large Mudroom

A large mudroom is a great choice for all types of homes and lifestyles. Many homeowners are switching from tiny hall closets to expansive mudrooms that can safely store coats, shoes, and sporting equipment. One way to make your new construction stand out is by opting for built-in lockers or shelves to give your mudroom a permanent and distinguished look.

4. Under-Stair Storage

While under-stair storage certainly is not a new idea, it is a functional feature that can be creatively customized in a variety of ways. As this space will not likely be used for anything significant, it is the perfect location for the storage of household items, cleaning supplies, or clothing. Whether you choose to opt for a closet-like storage area or want to get creative and install sliding drawers, you will be happy that you chose to install under-stair storage.

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