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Agriculture Division Focus: Workshops and Machine Shops

Projects, TMC Tips | February 22, 2018
Mike Farnese workshop project

Workshops and Machine Shops are one of our Agriculture Divisions most common projects. These spaces can be used for a variety of different uses including storage of farm equipment or vehicles and packing facilities for fruits or vegetables.

The most recent machine shop our Twin Maple Construction Team completed is located in Central Abbotsford.  This 4,000 sqft Machine Shop features three large bay doors and a simple layout.

Mike Farnese workshop project

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Workshops can be any size from small to large with various numbers of bays. A recent TMC project completed in September 2017 located in East Abbotsford showcases how a machine shop can be divided into different usable spaces.

The Workshop built in East Abbotsford (pictured below) is 13,000 sqft and split up into 10 different bays, each with their own unique bay door and lockable walk-in door.

Agricultural building


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Completed in August 2017, Twin Maple Construction built a 5,000 Sqft Vegetable Packing Facility and Machine Shop located on the border of Langley and Surrey. Workshop spaces can be split up into several areas for different uses. This allows maximum space usage.

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Our construction team are experts at Machine Shop construction and have completed projects throughout the Fraser Valley including in Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Surrey.