Twin Maple Construction Heritage

Logo evolution

The story of Twin Maple Construction started with Grandfather Henry Falk, a Dutch Mennonite whose family pioneered in the Siberian region of Russia before immigrating to Canada. Arriving in British Columbia, Henry worked as a farmer and construction contractor in the 1940s – 50s. Rooted in the local farming community, he built homes, barns, and eventually began to operate a lumber supply store in the South Poplar area of Abbotsford. After his children came of age, Henry brought them into the family business.

The Lumber Yard Years

The second generation headed by Abe Falk and his brothers continued their father’s pursuit by carrying on in the construction business. They operated the lumber yard for decades and grew the company substantially by diversifying its operations into other fields. Finally, the company is on the doorstep of another milestone when 1985 came.

Twin Maple Construction

As part of the Twin Maple Group of Companies, originally named Cousin Construction Corporation, Twin Maple Construction Services was founded in 1985 by Abe Falk. Shortly after it was taken over by Ron Born and Ken Falk as the family’s third generation of builders in Canada. In the decades to come, Ron and Ken followed the family tradition of serving the rural Fraser Valley community. While focusing on agricultural buildings, the portfolio of the company has also grown in the commercial building industry, leaving its mark in the economic and social narrative of the Fraser Valley.

In 2018 Dustin Born, son of Ron Born, stepped into an ownership position as the new President of Twin Maple Construction, continuing on the family legacy of building the community.

Four generations of builders, spanning over 70 years of working in the construction industry.